Chapter 2 ahoy!

Hi guys! I’m working on Chapter 2. I’ve got the script polished now and rough pages planned out so it’s all coming together. However! Law school starts at the end of this month, and my updates will become less frequent. Hopefully I can still squeeze in some time for art, but probably not. So, I’ll just work my butt off for the next couple of weeks while I can! C: We’ll see! Haha.

Chapter 3 will take us to an interesting turn and I’m wondering what I will end up doing because basically things might get different. Hrmm I don’t want to end up revealing anything so I’ll just leave this vague af news update about it. Enjoy!

21 aaand almost done

Page 21 is up, it seemed like it took forever to draw. Part of that is because I ended up redrawing Merk like 60 times apparently. Here are some examples of my insanity.

Anyway enjoy, hopefully the chapter is done by page 22, if not keep your pants on tight for a possible page 23 (as you can see this is all planned out so very well). :v

Page 18

Page 18 is a go! 19 Coming soon ^-^

F for nukerz.

On another note I spent faaaar too much time trying to draw this damn page. It was just one image for this page, you’d think that’d be easier than drawing many panels, but no! Also behold Merk’s goofy chicken shoes.
I haven’t done a lot of action shots before so I hope I’m doing ok. :v Gunna keep on chuggin’! Just a few more pages til the chapter ends!