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Phantasy Star updates

NM-2011 is still the cutest newman, and I'm prepared to fight about it.
NM-2011 is still the cutest newman, and I’m prepared to fight about it.

So after like 10 years of neglect, and thanks to the boredom of covid, I have finally revived my long lost Phan Translations website. It used to have translations for the Alisa’s Adventure Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style tabletop RPG book, but the original WordPress database got corrupted and it was a huge setback for me. Thankfully I’ve got it all backed up now, and it’s pretty neat!

There’s also a new chapter of the Third comic (featuring Neithird!) as well as a short Yoshibon’s Corner comic translated.

Anyway, as for the rest of my life, stuff is on hiatus til law school goes on break again. I won’t have a lot of time for art for now.

Rivalz web manga

So I decided to make a web comic/manga! You can check it out here. I’ve gone down this road before, and honestly, my track record is like GRRM and his attempts to finish GoT. HOWEVER! I will take things 1 page at a time and just try to do it for fun since this obviously isn’t my job c; But it has always been my dream to have some kind of ongoing comic adventure going, so this is what I’m going to go for! Woohoo! C:

Milala reference sheet

UPDATE 8/6/2020: See the newly updated Milala reference sheet for 2020 here

Finally went and made a proper character reference sheet for my oc Milala. I think I’ve finally found a horn style that I like for her! But idk. Then again I am fickle. We will see how that goes! My favorite part about the dress is the little flap in the back which is something no one will most likely ever see, haha.